Compare the main findings and indicators of profiled neighbourhoods by sector/theme. The database includes key findings and indicators from field assessments as well as household surveys for Lebanese and non-Lebanese. It also contains governorate and national comparators for certain indicators derived from the household survey. The database is updated as new data is collected.

To download a sector/theme-based database:
  1. Select the sector/theme that you want to see data on from the list.
  2. An Excel file will automatically be downloaded.
  3. When you open the Excel file, click “Enable Editing” then “Enable Content” at the top.
  4. On the “Neighbourhood Selection” sheet, select the neighbourhood(s) you want to see data on for the sector/theme that you have previously selected. (The sheet is interactive; you can add or remove neighbourhoods.)
  5. The data for the selected neighbourhood(s) will automatically show in a separate sheet that has the name of the selected sector/theme.